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What the goat can do for you.


- Our sharp blades ensure a clean cut and minimal stress on your turf.


- Our edgers create a crisp division between the lawn and hard surfaces on your property.


- Trimming around buildings, trees and shrubs improves safety and reduces the risk of damage.

Leaf Removal

- Cleaning up fallen leaves prevents detrimental soil ph changes.

Sod Installation

- Installing sod is a great way to get immediate results.

Hedge Installation

- Hedges are fantastic! They are great for increasing privacy, reducing noise pollution increasing shade and reducing wind effects on your property.

Mulch Installation

- Refreshing the mulch in your beds yearly is the most effective, chemical free way to keep weeds away.

Hedge Trimming

- From simple hedge walls to elaborate topiaries, we can take care of your hedges and shrubs.

Tree Pruning

- Pruning up to 12 feet is available.

Fall/Spring/Storm Clean Up

- From leaves to branches to fallen trees, we can take care of your clean up needs



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